How to disable IP cameras on a Digital Sentry system.


Instruction on how to disable an IP camera using DS Admin.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS NVs
  • Digital sentry
    • All hardware
  • DS Admin


  • IP camera offline generating multiple error
  • IP camera offline causing Digital Sentry to operate sluggish.
  • IP camera being service and was not disable in DS Admin
  • IP camera PTZ movement erratic


Disable IP camera from DS Admin

  1. Select Start > Programs > Pelco (version 4.3 and above) or Start > Programs > Integral (version 4.2 and below).
    Once DS Admin is open expand Available Systems
  2. Expand DS system name
  3. Expand VAU(s)
  4. Expand the VAU [system name]
  5. Look for the "Camera" folder, expand It and another camera folder will be displayed beneath it.
  6. Expand the second Camera folder
  7. Select the IP Camera that will be Disable

  8. Select the General tab
  9. Select "Edit IP Camera Settings"
  10. Remove Check Mark by left clicking "Active"
  11. Click the OK button to save changes.