Set the time zone on a Sarix Camera using the Web Interface.


When the Sarix camera is not getting the time zone from the DVR, then the time zone needs to be hard coded with the Web Interface.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Sarix 1.7 or higher (all models)


The default time zone for the Sarix camera is UTC +0, which does not always work, especially when used with some 3rd party DVR's.


*Note* The IP camera must be connected to a NTP server.

To set the time zone on a Sarix device. 

1. Open the Web interface of the Sarix Device
2. Log into the web interface by clicking on the Login button on the top right. (Default login is admin/admin)
3. Once logged in, click on Settings.
3. On the System drop-down menu select General.
4. (Optional, only needed if syncing with NTP server) Select Manual or for the Time Server.
5. (Optional, only needed if syncing with NTP server) Type the IP address or hostname of the time server in the Time Server box.
6. If no time server is being used, select None for the time server.
7. Configure the Time Zone by selecting the continent and region that are closest to the camera’s location from the Time Zone drop-down menus.
NOTE: If your location observes a form of daylight saving time, the system automatically changes the time on the associated dates.
8. Time zone can be specified using an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) if you do not make a selection from the Time Zone drop-down menu.
9. Click the Save button to save the settings, or click the Reset button to clear all of the information you entered without saving it.
*This will reboot your camera