Spectra Mini Analog and IP camera Park Time, Park Action programming features


Can the Spectra Mini IP park to a pattern?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SD4N-B0, SD4N-B1, SD4N-B0-X, SD4N-B1-X
  • SD4N-W0, SD4N-W1, SD4N-W0-X, SD4N-W1-X


Spectra Mini does not offer Park Action programming of PATTERN.


The Spectra Mini Series features a Park Action of PRESET 1 only. For Park Action of Pattern, the Spectra IV SE series is recommended.

Below is a snapshot of the Spectra Mini Series "95 Preset Menu Tree".

  • Click on the OSD icon of the Spectra Mini IP Home Page for display of menu.
  • Click on the follow article LL#11203 for access of the 95 preset menu for analog Spectra Series.