What's the best way to restore a full SIGNAL database from version 4.4.1 (Windows 95/98) to version 5.0.0 (Windows XP)?


Customer did a full backup of a SIGNAL 4.4.1 installation.  A full backup is data, bitmaps, and executable files.  The computer hardware was replaced along with the operating system to Windows XP 32-bit.  The customer has SIGNAL version 5.0.0.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series




Computer hardware replacement


There are a couple of ways to restore the database.  Here is a simple method:

- Install SIGNAL 5.0.0
- Restore the full backup from version 4.4.1 (this step overwrites all the executable files of 5.0.0)
- Re-install SIGNAL 5.0.0 (this last step will update all the executables back to version 5.0.0)

The license file, signal.dcf, may need to be checked to ensure it is for version 5.0.0.