Xenta 102-AX Terminal load will not change from 0%


The Xenta 102-AX VAV controller does not indicate any terminal load even though the demand is present at the VAV.

IE the VAV setpoint is 23°C degrees and the room temperature is 26°C degrees.

Product Line

TAC Vista, SmartStruxure Solution


Xenta 102-AX VAV controller


The 102ax has been left in calibration mode. When the 102ax is in this mode the terminal load remains at 0%

To check this from Vista locate the two points "UCPTvavselection.CPH" and "UCPTvavselection.CPl". These object are located in the VAV_controller object of the 102-AX controller.

If one indicates "CALIBR ACTIVE" then the 102-AX  is in airflow calibration mode.

This screen capture shows a Normal state of a 102-AX.


To allow the terminal load to respond complete the Airflow calibration.

If this has been left this way and no calibration is required a power cycle of the 102-AX will remove the 102-AX from airflow calibration mode.