Check the Rebuild percentage of a NSM5200/EE500 array during rebuild.


The NSM5200/EE500 web interface does not display the status of the rebuild process while the array is rebuilding. 

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200- 2.0+

EE500- All versions


When the drives fail, the drive's LED will display RED. The web interface will also list the drive as failed until the rebuild is complete.


To check the status of the rebuild process on the NSM5200/EE500, perform the following:

  1. SSH into NSM5200/EE500, see LL#13089 for directions.

  2. Type tw_cli and hit enter

  3. Type show and hit enter

  4. Note down the C# you see in the results for step 3.

  5. Type /c# show (where the c# is the number that was found in step 3)

  6. If your array is rebuilding, it will say ‘Rebuilding’ under the status section. Under R%, it will display the percentage that is complete of the rebuild process.

  7. Repeat step 5 to keep checking on status as needed.

  8. To exit the SSH session, simply type ‘exit’ to get out of the tw_cli program, then type ‘exit’ again to close the SSH window.