How to configure User Accounts in Master Control.


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User IDs and passwords are required whenever you run MasterControl (unless autorunning mode is enabled).

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DVX500 - all models all versions.
  • DVX1000 - all models all versions.
  • DVXe - all models all versions.
  • DVXi - all models all versions.
  • All 1st Line Series DVR's


Installation, Service, and Upgrades.


NOTE: It is recommended that you log in with Administrator or Supervisor permissions only when accessing the Users tab. The default user name is ADMINISTRATOR and default password is letmein.


To add users or change their permissions, go to the Setup page and click the Users tab:

The Users tab allows you to add or delete users and change their permissions.


Following are the four types of user permissions available:

  • Administrator - has full access to DVXi features.
  • Supervisor - has full access to DVXi features except for user administration, remote administration, and RemoteView Server.
  • User - can access only the Monitor, Search, and Help pages. A User also cannot exit MasterControl.
  • Disabled - has no access to MasterControl.

To create a user, enter the users ID in the User Name field. Then enter a password in the Password field and confirm it in the Confirm Password field. Choose any of the four levels of permissions and click the Add button.
The following tabs on the User tab restrict which cameras can be view by a user. A checked on any of the Live, Search PTZ or All selections will give the user access to the function.


To delete a user, select the users ID from the User Name drop-down list and click the Delete button.

To update a users permissions or change a password, select the users ID from the User Name drop-down list, make the change, and click the Update button.

 MasterControl allows you to log in as a different user without having to exit. To do this, click the Integral Technologies button in the upper left corner of the screen and click Logon. This is useful if you are operating with User permission (recommended) and you need to exit MasterControl or change information on the Setup page.


NOTE: For more information please review Master Control user manual starting page 23.