How to restore a Pelco PTZ camera to factory defaults using a CM9760-KBD Keyboard.


How to reset the Spectra to factory defaults using the CM9760-KBD

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra Series
  • Esprit Series
  • Exsite Series
  • CM9760-KBD


  • PTZ camera moving on it's own. Drifting.
  • Video Quality (focus)
  • Zoom, Pan or Tilt control of ptz not responding correctly
  • Zoom function fails to zoom out completely


Use the following steps to restore a Pelco Analog PTZ to factory defaults:

  1. Access menu of PTZ Camera. Click here for instructions and to view Article LL#9697
  2. Use the joystick and toggle down the cursor to "Dome Settings". Press the Open button.
  3. Toggle down to "Clear" and press the Open button.
  4. Toggle down to "Restore Factory Defaults" and press the Open button.
  5. Press the Open button to confirm the restore factory defaults. The dome will be defaulted to factory settings.

Note: RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULTS: Restores all camera settings to factory default settings. All existing presets and patterns, labels must be re-programmed.