Esprit Series Base Hardware and Accessories


Part numbers for the Esprit series Hardware and Accessories. Nuts, Gaskets, Washers, Wiper blades

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ES3012 Series
  • ES30C/ES31 Series
  • ES40C/ES41 Series


  • Esprit requires fastening nuts to secure Pan & Tilt (upper section) to Base Transformer (power bowl)
  • Replacement gaskets for worn field units.
  • Replacement wiper blades.


The following parts are for hardware and gasket replacement reference.

  • Fastening Hardware of Esprit Pan & Tilt to Base transformer (bowl) 
  • Click Here for image view of hardware to PT and Base assignment.

  • Gaskets factory installed on the ESTX-Series base transformer.
  • Set part number for top and bottom gasket: MF01-9480-111A
  • Click Here for gasket set image and placement. View #4 for reference.
  • Front window assembly - Esprit 10" window - MF00-1001-006D

 Part numbers for Esprit replacement wiper blades

  • ES-REPLBLADE-2    Package of 2 window wiper replacement blades.
  • ES-REPLBLADE-10  Package of 10 window wiper replacement blades.