Pelco Demo Site information


Pelco Demo Site information

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Pelco Video Management


  • Pelco Mobile app
  • DS
  • Endura SM5200
  • VideoXpert 


What is the Pelco demo site IP address?


The demo sites can be accessed 24 hours a day and are a great way to showcase the Pelco Mobile apps. When accessing the demo sites between 6 pm and 6 am PST, it is recommended you select one of the cameras looking at an intersection, as this will allow users to see motion. To connect to either site, please use the login information provided below:

Demo site can be accessed via the following methods:

  • Pelco Mobile app can be used to access both the DS and Endura SM5200 demo sites.
  • Control point can be used to access the DS demo site.
  • Internet Browser can be used to access the Endura SM5200 demo site.


Digital Sentry:
IP address:
User name: guest1,guest2,guest3,guest4 or guest5
Password: demo

Endura SM5200:
IP address:
User name: guest1
Password: demo

VideoXpert Ops Center:
IP address: or
User name: guest1, guest2,guest3, guest4, guest5
Password: demo1234

IP address: VxPro Demo or
User name: guest1
Password: demo1234
User name: vxprodemouser
Password: wanuser123

Pelco's Demo sites operate at ~50Mb/s DOWNLOAD speeds and ~20Mb/s UPLOAD speeds. This is for reference where needed.

Note: DX Mobile App connection is no longer available at Pelco Demo Site

If you are still not able to configure the settings to your liking or are having issues, contact

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