Genex Series password for MX4004CD, MX4016CD Series


What are factory passwords for Genex Series Multiplexers

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • MX4004CD
  • MX4009CD, MD
  • MX4009CS, MS
  • MX4016CD, MS
  • MX4016CD, MD


Access of Genex menu is required to reprogram required fields


Factory Passwords of Genex Series. Use of Genex front panel or KBD4000 to enter keys.

FRONT PANEL: Enter the password from the front panel by pressing each front panel number key.

  • Password 3916 for MX4009, MX4016 Genex Series.
  • Password 4212 for MX4004 Genex Series.

KBD4000: Enter the password from the keyboard by pressing each number followed by the CAM key.

  • 3, CAM, 9, CAM, 1, CAM, 6, CAM
  • 4, CAM, 2, CAM, 1, CAM, 2, CAM