Connecting DC power to the Spectra IV series cameras.


  • How do I connect DC voltage to the Spectra IV cameras?
  • I need to connect 24VDC instead of 24VAC; where does the - and + leads for DC get connected?
  • How do I wire in DC voltage to the Spectra IV?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Any model of analog Spectra IV camera.


Polarity for wiring DC power input. Information not referenced within I/O manual.


To wire Spectra IV for DC power input:

  1. Attach DC+ Positive to (+) Terminal of connection point
  2. Attach DC- Negative to (-) Terminal of connection point
  3. Please refer to page # 4, Image #4, of the Spectra IV Manual here: C3418M-B Spectra IV Series Installation.

For DC connection points, refer to these images here (click to enlarge):

Spectra IV DC power input

Page #4 of the Spectra IV I/O manual

For reference to Line Sync setting, see article: LL#13450