Replace the CM9505UPS with the PS01-3002-9015G.


  • The CM9505UPS is obsolete, what do I replace it with?
  • What replaces the CM9760-KBD power supply?
  • Will the CM9760-KBD-US keyboard's power supply replace the CM9760-KBD keyboard's power supply?
  • Can I get the CM9760-KBD-US keyboard's power supply as a replacement to the CM9505UPS?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-KBD
  • CM9505UPS
  • CM9760-KBD-US
  • PS01-3002-9015G


The CM9505UPS has no listed replacement available for reference.


The CM9760-KBD is the older part number and this keyboard came with the CM9505UPS. Due to the new keyboards, CM9760-KBD-US, having a new power supply, the valid replacement to the CM9505UPS will be the PS01-3002-9015G. Also select proper power cord part number from list for region:

All data and power connections through the RJ45 connector remain the same between the CM9505UPS and the PS01-3002-9015G power supplies.