Set date and time manually on Linux based Endura Devices


  • System manager is not synced to a time server and time drift needs to be corrected
  • Date and time on devices need to be temporarily corrected during time server / system manager issues

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


All Linux based Endura devices


Date and time needs to be set manually


1. Log into Endura Utilities using your admin login [Default username: admin, password: admin]

2. Right click the device in Endura Utilities and select SSH into [Default username: root, password: pel2899100]

3. Set the date/time manually with the date command. For Example, if we want to set the date to May 23 2013 and the time to 9:05 AM, we can use one of the following date commands listed to do so:

date -s "23 MAY 2013 9:05:00" - Most Linux based Endura devices, including the System Manager, will work with this command format.

date 05230905002013 - Some devices may require this format. In this case the format follows a strict number and placement of characters for each value: MMDDhhmmssYYYY

4. Use the date command without any arguments to verify the correct date/time is displayed: date