Pelco's Enclosure model NEMA/IP ratings and code level use and explanation.


  • Can I use the "X" enclosure in a hazardous environment?
  • Can I use the "X" enclosure in a Sulfuric gasses environment?
  • Where can I use the "X" enclosure?
  • Can you provide me with documentation about what environments the "X" enclosure can work in?
  • Can you send me data on what hazardous level environments my "X" enclosure will work in?
  • Will my "X" enclosure work in my hazardous/toxic environment?
  • How can I use my "X" enclosure in an explosive/hazardous/toxic/regulated environment?
  • What environments can I use my Pelco enclosure in?
  • What NEMA/IP level can I use Pelco enclosures in?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • E706 - E706-16, E706-16P, E706-16PS, E706-16S
  • EH100 - EH100-8, EH100-10
  • EH1000
  • EH1500 - EH1512, EH1512MT, EH1512-1, EH1512-1L, EH1512-2, EH1512-3, EH1512-1MT, EH1512-2MT, EH1512-3MT, EH1512-1LMT, EH1512-1MTS, EH1512-2MTS, EH1512-3MTS, EH1512-1LMTS
  • EH2100 - EH2100, EH2100P
  • EH2020
  • EH2400
  • EH2500 - EH2508, EH2508-1, EH2508-2, EH2508-3, EH2512, EH2512-1, EH2512-2, EH2512-3, EH2515, EH2515-1, EH2515-2, EH2515-3
  • EH3000 - EH3010, EH3014
  • EH3500 - EH3508, EH3508-1, EH3508-2, EH3508-3, EH3512, EH3512-1, EH3512-2, EH3512-3, EH3512-1HD, EH3512-2HD, EH3512-3HD, EH3515, EH3515-1, EH3515-2, EH3515-3, EH3515-1HD, EH3515-2HD, EH3515-3HD
  • EH4000 - EH4010, EH4014
  • EH4700 - EH4718, EH4718-1, EH4718-2, EH4718-3, EH4722, EH4722-1, EH4722-2, EH4722-3, EH4712DB, EH4712DB-1, EH4712DB-2, EH4712DB-3, EH4718DB, EH4718DB-1,  EH4718DB-2, EH4718DB-3,
  • EH5700 - EH5723, EH5723-1, EH5723-2, EH5723-3, EH5729, EH5729-1, EH5729-2,  EH5729-3 
  • EH8100 - EH8104-1, EH8104-3, EH8106-1, EH8106-3
  • EHX*E - EHX4E, EHX6E, EHX6E-16, EHX8E


NEMA/IP ratings and Class/Div levels for site installation.


Due to the fact that Pelco is the manufacturer of named enclosures, it is up to the site's Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to account for the enclosure's installation site's overall hazardous level rating. The Authority Having Jurisdiction will visit the site and perform tests on the exact nature of the hazardous conditions that exist at the site and then grant a certain hazardous Class/Div level rating so that all other enclosures and cameras can be referenced for verification of what can and cannot be used within the overall site.