Connect a KBD300A to a CM6800-32x6 Matrix Switcher on Port 4 using Pelco Fiber Modules FTV/FRV10.


Remote Keyboard installation over a Fiber link can connect to the CM6800-32x6 using ASCii data.

Product Line

Pelco Monitors, Pelco Matrix, Pelco Transmission & Power


  • KBD300A v5.0 and higher
  • FTV/FRV10 Single channel Video with Bi-directional DATA
  • CM6800-32X6 Matrix Switcher


Installation and Maintenance.


Remote Keyboard Installation and Setup

Wire the KBD300A using a straight cable to the KBDKIT through the FTV/FRV series fiber modules and KBDKIT walljack; Use another straight cable to Port 4 on the CM6800-32X6:


CM6800-32x6 Programming:

  1. Log into the CM6800 and navigate programming using a KBD300A keyboard: SEE Article LL#10159
  2. Highlight PORTS and configure PORT 4 to ASCii, RS485, 9600, ODD, 8, and 1.


  1. Set switches to RS485  DATA: Switch 1  to OFF; Switch 2 to ON. See Installation manual for reference at the FTV10D1/FRV10D1 Home page.


  1. Set KBD300A switches 1-5 to OFF; 6-8 ON. SEE Article LL#10565

Note: Recommend using ASCII ports for Remote Keyboard over fiber. ASCII mode won't be able to access the Matrix menu and power LED on the KBD300A

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