How to create Alarm Monitor Groups on a CM9700 Matrix Switcher


Alarm cameras need to populate on certain monitors when triggered.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9700-CC1: Version 9.03.055
  • CM9700 System Manager Software: Version 9.03.032 


By default alarm cameras will not populate on monitors unless an alarm monitor is setup and assigned to a keyboard.


Creating Alarm Monitor Groups:


Step 1Open the CM9700 Series Matrix Switcher configuration in System Manager and log in, default user and password are Admin/Admin.

Step 2: Crate a Alarm monitor group:

  • Select the Groups tab
  • Select Keyboard Groups
  • Select New Group 

  • Enter the Group Name
  • Double click the desired monitors from the list on the left to add them to the group
  • Click OK when finished

Step 3: Assign the Alarm Monitor Group

  • Select the System tab
  • Select a keyboard from the device tree
  • From the below options select Alarm Monitor Group 1 drop down
  • Select the newly created Alarm Monitor Group

Step 4Save and export the configuration to copy to the CM9700-CC1 Central Processing Unit.

Note: For instructions on how to copy files to a CM9700-CC1, see Lessons Learned #10842