How to configure Relays on the CM9760-KBD Intelligent Keyboard.


Relays need to be configured to toggle or momentary

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-KBD: Version 8.45


Macros are used to automate sequences of events. For example, a basic macro can allow a user to view from one camera for five seconds and then switch to another camera for 10 seconds


To Configure a Relay:


Step 1: Enter the CM9760-KBD setup menu by turning on DIP switch 2 and cycling power to the unit. Enter PIN 1234 when prompted.

Step 2: Select  from the Setup Menu.

Step 3: Select  to go to the Advanced Setup 2 Menu.

Step 4: Select  or  to choose Relay 1 or Relay 2.

Step 5: Select  or 

Step 6: Select  to go to Mac 1 or Mac 2.

Step 7: Select  and enter the macro number. Select 

Step 8: Select  and then .


Note: When relay is in toggle mode, a single key press will switch if either ON or OFF. In momentary mode, a relay will remain switched ON only while the appropriate key is held down.