BU5 Camera Motion Detection


How to setup the Motion Detection of the BU5 camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • BU5-IRV12-6


Programming motion detection


To program motion detection of the BU5 camera, perform the following steps:

 MOTION DETECTION(main menu): ON or OFF. Default is OFF. This turns on or off motion detection.

  • Turning motion detection ON allows sub menu access when highlighted over MOTION DETECTION.

DETECT SENSE: Motion detection sensitivity setting range of 0-127. A higher numeric value increases the sensitivity of scene.


  • OFF– Viewing of Motion blocks is turned off.
  • ON– Enables viewing of motion detection area. By default, entire scene is set to be detected. Editing of motion detect area to be set within the ENABLE edit menu.
  • ENABLE– Edit the motion detection area within cameras submenu.


  • ON– Serves as the display alert (colored square line/flashes) when motion is detected over scene. 1/4,2/4,3/4,4/4. Motion Blocks must be set within this area for Alert Area to display over video when motion is detected.
  • OFF– MONITOR AREA display are not displayed.


  • 1/4 – Area 1 of 4, 2/4 – Area 2 of 4, 3/4 – Area 3 of 4, 4/4 – Area 4 of 4.
  • Perform the following steps for area adjustment:
  • Enable MONITOR AREA to ON.
  • Areas are set to equal values by default and will not be seen. Adjust values for different settings to be viewed.
  • Size and position each area by use of TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT number value.  
  • TOP:          000-244
  • BOTTOM: 000-244
  • LEFT:         000-474
  • RIGHT:       000-474


Editing Motion Blocks: To edit the motion detection area:

  1. Access SETUP menu of camera and highlight MOTION DET.
  2. Press joystick inward towards camera. Highlight MOTION DET and enable to ON.
  3. Press joystick inward and Highlight BLOCK DISP and set to ENABLE.
  4. Press joystick inward. Position the EDIT block (highlighted in green) over the desired area to remove from motion detection.
  5. Press joystick inward to remove motion detection block from scene. This area will no longer trigger motion.