Cost of repair at Pelco


  • What is the cost of a repair at Pelco?
  • How much does it cost to get a product repaired?
  • What does Pelco charge for a normal repair?
  • What is the ballpark figure for repairs at Pelco?
  • What is the hourly rate for sending in a unit for repair
  • Cost of sending in a unit for repair

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Monitors, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix, Pelco Transmission & Power


Pelco Manufactured Product


The cost of a repair is unknown until the unit is received and diagnosed.


A product is required to be shipped to a Pelco Authorized Repair Facility with a RA (Repair Authorization) number for diagnosis and repair quote to obtain a RA number. A request can be made for approximate cost based off current customer symptom by contacting or contacting your local service center. Service Centers

When we receive the unit it is then diagnosed and an estimate prepared. Customer then can authorize or deny the repair of the unit. If denying the repair of a unit, please notify the technician of what you would like us to do with your equipment.

The amount of time a repair will take is based on diagnostics, parts availability, approvals and payments.

  • Units will be shipped back via method received. If a unit is received as an overnight package the unit will be returned via overnight.
  • Complexity of equipment, burn-in time and testing can add to the repair turn-around time.
The amount of time any one repair will take is no less than 3 days. The breakout is:
If the item is shipped as an overnight package – this is day #1
If the item is still within Warranty, the item will be repaired within 24 hours – this is day #2
Pelco will then ship it back in the same manner in which it was shipped – overnight – this is day #3.

The amount of time any one repair will take is typically shipping time to factory ,days for repair plus shipping time back to customer . Any number of things can get in the way of this time frame per above examples and therefore is not guaranteed and is just a typical repair time frame guidline.

Note: It is possible depending on work load and parts avaialbe to extend the time needed for repair.

Customer Information need to create RMA;

  • First and Last Name
  • Pelco case number
  • Customer Pelco account Number (If available).
  • Company name
  • Company address 
  • Country code
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address
  • Purchase order number (optional)

Product Information:

  • Serial number 
  • Model Number 
  • Product symptom

Return Information:

  • Company Name and address product will be ship back to.
  • Contact phone number