Why does the ExSite PTZ system shake when powered up?


Upon power up the Exsite displays Configuring. Exsite is wiggling when power is applied. When that clears it then displays: wiggling press iris close to cancel.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IPSXM   Series
  • IPSXME Series


The ExSite system performs a configuration sequence when power is applied.


The ExSite will begin a configuration sequence that starts with a limited back and forth pan motion (wiggling) for 2.5 minutes. The limited pan motion is a built-in safety feature to warn anyone at the installation site that the unit is on and to avoid contact with the unit during start up.

To stop the limited pan motion press the Iris Close function. The system will continue its configuration sequence. When the system is done, the following information is displayed:

Pelco ExSite IPSM
Version X.XX
D Address: 1
P Address: 2
Comm 2400, N, 8, 1

This information will remain on the monitor until system operation (ptz control) begins.