How to enable Video Loss Alarms within Endura Workstation Software for non administrator users


The Endura Workstation software needs to display an alarm when an Endura encoder has a video loss.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura WS5000/WS5200 all versions


By default, only users with admin role receive video loss alarm notifications within WS5000/5200.


  1. Open Endura workstation software and go into setup (wrench icon at top of screen).
    note: You must be log in as an administrative user for this procedure (default credentials are admin/admin).

  2. Click on the Roles tab.
  3. Create a new Role or edit an existing one which you would like enable Video Loss Alarms for.
  4. Go to the permissions section and click on the Device sub-tab.
  5. Click Modify and add the desired permissions/services, including the following at a minimum:
    *Monitor and respond to alarms
    *View Pelco Device Config
    *View Alarm Config
    *View Diagnostic Info

  6. Within the Included Items panel, select the appropriate devices that each permission/service will be allowed for.
    note: Use All Devices unless access specific access restrictions are desired, making sure to check this for each service selected from step 5 above.

  7. Click Apply to save your modifications to the Role.
  8. Go to the Users Tab and create or edit a User, and ensure that the role you edited in steps 1-7 above are added to this User.
  9. Checkmark the box to enable Critical Alarms.
  10. Click Apply to save your modifications to the User.
  11. Exit the Endura Workstation software and re-launch, logging in as one of the user(s) which was modified or created in steps 1-10.
  12. Verify that diagnostic alarms indicating "Video Loss" are received within the Alarms Panel when/if a camera or Encoder loses video signal.
    note: The easiest way to test for this is to disconnect video BNC connector from any Endura Encoder, Video Loss Notification should appear within 1 minute.