Expanding an existing CM6800E-48X8 to CM6800-96X16 requires reboot for video.


How to get cameras on the second bay to show up on the CM6800E-96X16

Requires video camera into input 1of 2nd CM6800 matrix to convert.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix




No video on second CM6800E or matrix will show indication of video loss


NOTE: Verify you have converted the two CM6800E-48X8 to the CM6800-96X16 See Lessons Learned Article #10809.

To get cameras to show up on the second CM6800E-48X8 in a 96X16 configuration follow these steps:

  1. Power both units off.
  2. A minimum of one camera with video is required to be connected to second matrix bay.
  3. Verify RIBBON cable is connected and fully seated on both ends
  4. Verify REVERSE cable is connected from Port 2 of one matrix to the second matrix Port 2.
  5. Power on the primary master CM6800E (master matrix is determined by keyboard connection performing menu access)
  6. Wait 5 seconds
  7. Apply power to second CM6800E