How to Show or Hide All Cameras in the NSM5200 Web Interface


You are need to add a camera to a new pool, but cannot find it in the Web interface for the NSM5200.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200 network storage manager, all versions


The cameras are associated with another pool. By default, the only cameras that the NSM5200 manager will display in its Web interface are cameras that are associated to its own storage pool or that are unassociated


First, open an SSH into the NSM5200 using the steps in Lessons Learned entry 13089.

To expose all cameras in the Web interface, type the following command in the SSH window:

python /usr/local/Pelco/WWW/tools/ --action put

To hide all cameras that have associations, type the following command in the SSH window: 

python /usr/local/Pelco/WWW/tools/ --action delete