How to setup function keys for the CM9760-KBD Intelligent Keyboard


How are the function keys setup on the CM9760-KBD

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  • CM9760-KBD: Version 8.45


Function keys can be used in many different ways to make things easier for the operator.


The Control keys (F1-F24) can be assigned various functions, such as the enter function.

Step 1: Turn the keyboard over, turn on DIP switch 2 and cycle power to enter Setup Mode.

Step 2: Enter PIN 1234 when prompted.

Step 3: Select  from the Setup Mode Menu. The Key Define Menu appears on the LCD screen

Step 4: Press the control key to which you want to assign a function. If the key has already been defined, its assigned function appears on the LCD display. If it is not defined, "DEF = NOT DEFINED" appears in the LCD display.

Step 5: Select  or  to go to a desired function, and then select  to choose the function.

Step 6: Select 

Step 7: Select  and then  .

Note: You will be prompted to enter a number for many of the functions. Select  , enter the number, and then select  .