How to search recorded video using DS ControlPoint.


Need to know how to search for recorded video using DS ControlPoint.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint
  • DX4100
  • DX4500/DX4600
  • DX4700/DX4800(HD)
  • DX8000
  • DX8100


The process to view recorded video using DS ControlPoint.


Connecting to Digital Sentry DSSRV / DSSRV2 / DS NVs VMS's

With DS recorders there are 3 options for video playback

  1. Quick Review: With a camera selected you can click the Quick Review   icon at the top of the layout and select one of the following options to immediately start playback.
    • Use Selected Cameras: With this checked only the camera currently selected will playback video, if left unchecked all cameras in the layout will attempt playback.
    • Playback time options - 1,5,15,30,60,90 minutes.

  2. Time Based Search - simple time-based search.
    1. Launch DS ControlPoint    (Start > All Programs > Pelco > DS ControlPoint)
    2. Verify the System is connected and cameras are being displayed.
    3. Click on the Search  (binocolars) icon in the upper left corner.
    4. Select Search a simple time-based search.

    5. Drag-n-drop cameras into the Search tab from the camera tree. 

    6. Once a camera has been populated into the display window, a Search Grid will show for the selected camera.

      There are four colors for the peaks and ridges within the search grid, each color represents one of the following video states:
      - Red: Alarm video
      - Blue: Motion video
      - Yellow: Event video
      - Green: All other video
    7.  You can use the mouse pointer to select a range of grid marks, which will indicate (by gray highlight) the range of video to be searched.

      Note: Zoom in or out of the graph using either the mouse wheel or the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.

    8. You can also use the date and time drop down menu's to manually adjust the time ranges.

    9. Once your time range has been selected, click Next to start video playback.

    10. If you would like to modify your search criteria, click the Modify Search  icon to return to the search grid.

  3. Alarm Search - simple alarm-based search

    This search is used to search system alarms as well as video from Zone alarms configured in DS Admin.
    1. Click the Search icon and then select the Alarm Search button.

    2. Click the Types drop-down menu and select the configured Zone. 

    3. Configure the From and To time ranges desired and then click Show Alarms button.

    4. A list of events will be displayed for the Zone.

    5. To playback video from an event listed, right-click the event and select Associated Cameras > View all in search mode.
    6. The video will then start playback in the Search tab.

Connecting to DX Series DVR's

  1. Open DS ControlPoint by double-clicking on the desktop icon .
  2. If DS ControlPoint is set to autoconnect skip to step 4.
  3. Type in the username and password that has permissions for video playback.
  4. Once logged in and connected to the server click  .
  5. On the search tab click  .
  6. Drag the desired camera from the Systems list on the left to the drag item here on the right. If cameras are not listed under systems click the plus next to the desired server to expand the camera list.
  7. Once the camera has been selected you can enter the date/time of the video you want to playback in the Modify Search Criteria window on the bottom of the screen.

    NOTE: For Non-DS playback there will not be a time bar.

  8. Click Next.
  9. Once the data has been loaded from the DX Series Recorder the selected video time frame will begin playback.