How to export video or images on a MasterControl DVX system.


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What is the process to export video or images on the MasterControl DVX system.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DVXi
  • DVX500
  • DVXe
  • MasterControl


Video or images need to be removed and exported from a DVX system.


Use the Search feature to locate the video needed before following the export process, for assistance please refer to article: How to search for recorded video on a MasterControl DVX system.


MasterControl allows you to export still images and video to CDs, DVDs, or network drives.

To do this, double-click the search result that contains the image or video you want to export and then click the Export button (the blue circle to the right of the VCR controls). This displays an Export As window that allows you to save a single image as a bitmap or JPEG. You can also export a video segment in one of three formats: Windows AVI file (320×240 or 640×480 resolution); XPV file, which you can play back using Integral Media Player, which is installed on DVXi; or EXE file, a completely self-contained file that you can play on any computer. It is recommended that you always export to the EXPORT (D:) drive, a 1GB drive partition reserved specifically for exported images and video. Then, if you want to copy an exported file to CD or DVD, insert the disc and follow the onscreen instructions for creating a data CD or DVD. To view additional export options, click on the down arrow next to the Export button.

This opens a pop-up menu with the following options:

  • Copy To Clipboard - saves the displayed still image to the Windows clipboard.
    You can then paste the image in another imaging application.
  • Print - prints the displayed still image.
  • Mark Selection - marks only a portion of the displayed video file for export. Place the playback indicator at the portion of the video segment that you want to export, and then choose Mark Selection from the popup menu. When the indicator turns red, drag it forward to the end of the segment. Then click the Export button to save the marked portion of the video file. You can also mark a selection by right-clicking the slider once and then left-clicking and dragging the slider over the selection.
  • Full Screen - displays the current video at its largest size. You still have access to VCR controls and Export button, but the Search capabilities are hidden. If you export or copy a still image in Full Screen mode, the image is saved in the full screen size. To return to the normal display, click Full Screen Off.