Can you replace a B-Link with an Infilink200?


Are the Infilink and B-Link interchangeable or can they be converted?

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Andover Continuum


Infilink 200



Both units are RS-485 repeaters; is there a difference?


You cannot convert from a Infilink 200 to a B-Link. They are both RS-485 repeaters, but the circuitry is slightly different to handle the electrical requirements of the BACnet MS/TP and the Infinet. You must use the correct unit for the network type you have.

The Infinet network and the Infilink200 allow you to have any network topology (Star, Bus etc) where the MS/TP along with a B-Link can only be wired in a Bus topology in accordance with the BACnet standard. Neither product contains any firmware that can be changed.