The analytic zone disappears from the WEB UI analytic configuration video window


The analytic zone as displayed on the video configuration window (in the web UI) will sometimes disappear. this is on the NET540* series and TXB-N series.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


The sarix camera series models TXB-n and NET540* series  when using video analytics. All other models will be fixed


When zone name (zone 1) is changed to a blank name the actual zone disappears from the configuration video window. No editing or adding of zones seems possible.

This has also occurred with cameras where the zone name (zone 1) has not been edited.

The programmed analytic behaviour still exists and runs, however any further editing is impossible.


When editing make sure there is valid names for the zones,

There is a way to fix it. You need to do the following.

  1. Ssh onto the camera and edit the profile that has the problem. In this case, test is profile-2.xml /usr/local/pelco/analytics/conf/profiles.d/profile-2.xml
  2. Modify the zone with invalid name of only spaces with a valid name
    1. Look for with only spaces, change it to for example zone 2
    2. Save the profile
  3. Go back to the webpage remove /update/ from the following so it is
  4. Refresh the webpage.