Magelis Opti PC - Username password wrong


Wrong username and/or password when logging into Webstation via a Magelis Opti PC

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


  • SmartStruxure
  • Magelis Opti PC
  • Webstation


Many Magelis are installed with an older Internet Explorer version i.e. IE 6.xx. Webstation requires a higher version of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 7 is confirmed as ok, but later versions are recommended.


Upgrade the Internet Explorer on the Magelis PC, sometimes this is not possible if it is not permitted to install software on the unit. This can be disabled by going to:

  1. Start > Programs > Accessories > System tools > EWF activator deactivator
  2. Set it as disabled (a reboot may be needed)
  3. Download the new Internet Explorer from Microsoft and install it.
  4. Enable the EWF activator deactivator again.