Setting up sequence on CM6800


How to setup sequences on the CM6800

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6800-32X6
  • CM6800E-48X8
  • CM6800-96X16


Program sequences


The CM6800 provides two types of sequences:

1. SCRATCHPAD sequence: An operator can program a scratchpad sequence from an individual monitor, without accessing password-protected programming screens.


2. SYSTEM sequence: A given sequence number (1~32) password-protected and can run on any system monitor.


SEQUENCE: Select the sequence number you want to program. (1-32)

STP: Each sequence can include up to 72 steps. For each step select entries for the following fields as necessary:

  • CAM: Enter the desired camera number (logical number).
  • DWL: Enter the dwell time (01-99 seconds).
    Note: to skip a camera during the sequence, DWL must be set to 0.
  • CMD and ##: Select a command; if you select a pattern or a preset enter a valid pattern or preset number.


PATT = pattern

PRES = preset

RSCN = random scan

FSCN = frame scan

SSCN = stop scan

AUX and ##: Select an auxiliary to be activated.

Global = internal and external auxiliaries.


GON = turn global auxiliary on

GOFF = turn global auxiliary off

CON = turn camera auxiliary on

COFF = turn camera auxiliary off

NOTE: For any camera you do not want in the sequence make sure the Dwell time is set to 00 it will then bypass that camera in the sequence.

Use the Open button on the Keyboard to change the dwell time up, Use the Close button to change the dwell time down

 NOTE: Activate the auxiliaries on the rear panel of the CM6800 by selecting global auxiliary numbers 1 or 2. The remaining global

auxiliary numbers control REL2064 Relay Interface Unit auxiliaries

To run a sequence with KBD 100 Please see LL#12621

To run a sequence with KBD300A or KBD200A Please see LL#10522

To run a sequence with KBD960 Please see LL#102230