Continuum 1.94 SP1 Service Pack to address accdataserices.exe crashes and other issues


Cyberstation 1.94 Service Pack 1 Release

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Andover Continuum



Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


A Cyberstation 1.94 service pack released to address accdataservices crashes and other issues. The list of corrected issues is the release notes.


The following files are available on The Exchange Download Center:

Cyberstation 1.94 with SP1

Service Packs

Webclient 1.94 with SP1


An Error logging feature was added with 1.94 SP1,  if you see "mismatch xxxxxxxx" in the Continuum Error Listview then you have installed SP1 for Cyber, but your controllers are posting the errors. Use the updates below or the most recent version and the errors will no longer post.

There is also a firmware release that coincides with SP1 as well. 

Infinet 9640 v1.200026

ACX57xx v1.100037

Netcontroller II v2.100035