No live video in the display after connecting to a DX4100 Series DVR using the DX4100 Remote Client.


Live video is not displayed automatically after connecting using DX4100 Remote Client.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4100 - all versions
  • DX4100 Client - all versions
  • DX Series Client - all versions


The Live view panes are not associated with a camera by default on first time DX4100 Client connection.


Populate the Live panes with cameras

  1. In the client application window, click the Live View button. 
  2. To view live video Right click the site name and select "Login" (default user and password  is admin)
  3. In the site tree, left click and drag a camera to a view pane. Repeat the process for up to 16 cameras.
  4. In the site tree, left click and drag the Cameras button to any pane. All cameras in the site tree are assigned sequentially to the panes.



DX4100 Client Interface with definitions

  1. Site Tree: Displays top-down, hierarchical management of DX4104 resources, such as servers, cameras, alarms, and relays.
  2. Toolbar: Provides buttons for quick access to Live, Search, Setup, Export, Print, screen display options, Full Screen, and Connection List Setup.
  3. Title Bar: Displays the application title.
  4. Menu Bar: Provides access to commands.
  5. View Panels: Panel: Displays as many as 16 panes for viewing live and playback video. Each pane displays video for a single camera channel. For additional information about view panels and panes, refer to Navigating View Panes on page 25 for more information.
  6. PTZ Control Panel: Allows users to operate cameras that support PTZ features.
  7. PTZ On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu: Allows users to operate PTZ OSD features. Refer to PTZ Controls on page 30 for more information.
  8. Playback Control Panel: Allows users with administrator- or power-level permissions to control video playback. Includes playback controls, playback speed, and volume.
  9. Playback Timeline: Displays a 24-hour timeline marked with color-coded video events. Allows users with administrator- or power-level permissions to select a date and time for playback.
  10. Status Bar: Displays current date and time and the permission level of the logged on user.