How to set up a Sarix camera to trigger a relay on motion.


Setup motion Analytic Event to trigger a relay.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Sarix IP Camera
  • Esprit TI - ESTI3
  • Motion Analytic


Inital setup of relay and motion Analytic.


Each Sarix camera has its own wiring scheme for relay output. Make sure to use an outside power source and do not exceed the internal relay specifications, if you need a higher contact rating use an interface relay.

  1. Login to the Sarix camera - Default: admin/admin
  2. Go to Settings > Events

  3. Setup your Source, select Sources
    1. Name: Create a common name
    2. Type: Select Analytics
    3. Select submit
    4. Source should now display on the left hand side under Sources

  4. Set up your Handler as a relay, click on Events then Handlers
    1. Name: Create a comman name
    2. Type: Select Open/Close Relay
    3. Relay Bank: Select correct relay output (examples GPI0, relay 1, relay 2)
      Note: Some relays are specific in that only relay two is desinged for a Normally Open (NO) contact or Normally Closed (NC) contact
    4. On Time: Set in seconds how long you want the alarm to stay on. (Default is 0.1)
    5. Off Time: Set in seconds how long for alarm to stay off (Reset before triggering again). (Default is 0.1)
    6. Pulse Count: How many times you would like the alarm to trigger per event. (Default is 1)
    7. Filter: Leave unchecked if you want the Handler to run 24/7. If wanting a schedule set as needed.
    8. Sources: Verify that the "Source is checked"
    9. Click Submit
    10. Handler should now display on the left hand side under Handlers

  5. Set up Analytic Configuration

    1. Go to Select Profile > Select New
      1. Name: Create a common name
        Note: For PTZ cameras you will need to use or create a Preset
      2. Select Add Profile

    2. Go to Profile Settings
      1.  Verify settings
        • Name:
        • Camera preset:
        • Scene type:
        • Background:
        • Fine Tuning:
        • Sensitivity:
        • Calibrate Scene (Configure the zone for near and far objects)

    3. Go to Select Behaviors
      • Verify Adaptive Motion is highlighted blue
    4. Go to Settings for "Adaptive Motion"
      1. Select Activate Behavior
      2. Select the design of your zone
      3. Draw a zone to monitor your camera view
      4. Under Zone Settings leave as default
    5. Click Save on the bottom right

    6. Go back to Select Profile
      1. Verify that your analytic is highlighted and select Run
    7. Click Save on the bottom right
  6. Click on Live at the top right
  7. Verify when motion passes camera view that relay is triggered.