How to increase the days of storage for DigitalSentry.


Not getting the days of storage needed on the Digital Sentry series.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DS series
  • Digital Sentry series
  • DSSRV2


  • Hard drive size too small on Digital sentry.
  • Camera record settings set to high on Digital sentry.


Here are some ways to increase the days of storage on DigitalSentry.

  1. First determine how many days are needed by using the Pelco estimator.
  2. Enter information in each required field.

  3. Confirm hard drive size meets days of storage.

  4. If existing hard drive size does not meet requirements then lowering camera settings until desired hard drive size is met.
  5. If lowering the camera setting is not a option then add addition hard drives to Digital sentry system.