How to enable Logging of an SSH Session on Endura Equipment.


Pelco Technical Support will often utilize real-time Logging of troubleshoot or diagnostics while connected to an Endura Device via SSH Session utilizing Putty.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Transmission & Power


All Linux-based Endura Servers, Cameras & Encoders


Logging of troubleshoot or diagnostics is desired for further analysis.


After SSH'ing into an Endura Linux Server per LL#13089 , follow these steps to Enable logging of the SSH Session to a file on your PC Desktop.

  1. Right-Click the SSH Putty Window Titlebar and select Change Settings...

  2. Select the Logging category from the left panel, and enable logging of Printable output as follows...

    note: To specify where the log will be saved on the local Windows PC Workstation, select the browse button and choose a desired folder/location for the putty.log file.

  3. Press Apply to close the Putty Reconfiguration Dialog.
  4. Proceed with desired troubleshooting or information gathering as needed.