How to configure PTZ control on the DX4100 DVR?


PTZ control over 2 wires

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • DX4104 Pelco
  • PTZ cameras
  • 24 gauge wire, Cate5/6 cable


PTZ control on DX4100 DVR


  1. Using the mouse, click on the Login icon   on the toolbar and log on using an administrator user account.
  2. Click the Setup icon  on the Toolbar
  3. In Setup, click on the Camera and then PTZ menu.
    • Channel: Selects the channel from 01 to 04 for PTZ configuration
    • Port: Sets the communication port fro the camera: NONE, DATA1, or DATA2.
    • Address: Sets the camera's PTZ control address: 0 to 255
    • Protocol: Sets the PTZ protocol for all cameras on the port (Pelco-D, Pelco-P etc). Multiple cameras assigned to a port must use the same protocol.
    • Baud Rate: Sets the baud rate for sending data to all cameras on the select port: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, and 19200.
  4. Click on the X icon in the upper right hand corner and then select OK to save the configuration changes.