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EXAC ExSite cable with junction box.

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The EXAC cable interface and junction box is factory installed, specifically designed to increase component safety in hazardous locations. EXAC cable interface and junction box features include:

  • Stainless steel 316l, electropolished and IP66 rated increased safety (EX e) junction box
  • Pre-assembled, hazardous-rated screw-down terminal block
  • Thin-wall construction allows for easy drilling of through-holes for user-provided compression fittings
  • Pre-potted cable assembly, pre-installed on the ExSite power module
  • Standard with 5.25-ft (1.6m) cable encased in a flexible PVC conduit
  • Flame retardant and weather resistant
  • Ability to withstand temperature extremes
  • Galvanized steel core with cotton packing
  • Rated for use in all Zone 1 and Zone 2 gas and dust environments
  • View here for EXAC factory assembled image. EXAC Image
  • View here for EXAC internal drawing of PIN OUTS LL#10837

Use Cases: The EXAC is designed for areas where armored cable for electrical equipment is preferred, conforming to the flameproof protection method (Ex d) for installation in the hazardous areas. The EXAC provides for simpler and faster installation by eliminating the need to install barriers to protect against gas transfer along rigid conduit runs.


NoteThe customer will need to drill a hole into the box in order to provide access for headend wiring to be terminated at the EXAC.