KBD4000 Joystick Calibration


How to calibrate the KBD4000 joystick?

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Pelco Matrix


  • KBD4000 version 3.10 or higher


KBD4000 causing Spectra to spin during ptz control attempt


KBD4000 Version 3.10 or higher software provides the ability for Auto-Calibration. For Auto-Calibration, perform the following:

  1. KBD4000 must flash 3.1 or a higher value at power up. (1)
  2. The joystick should not be moved during this auto-calibration.
  3. Unplug data cable
  4. Hold down the [F5] 16-multiscreen key.
  5. Plug the data cable back in while holding down F5 key (7)
  6. The moment the LED display has finished, the joystick will be auto-calibrated.
  7. After the version LED display has finished, the joystick can be used.