TXB-H Hernis translator board for ExSite, Esprit, Spectra system


TXB-H installation and operation

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • TXB-H
  • Spectra
  • Esprit
  • ExSite
  • HERNIS 400 System


General Installation and Operation of the TXB-H


The TXB-H is for Hernis 400 System Controller with Pelco ExSite, Esprit, and Spectra systems:

  • Hernis protocol does not use addressing. This means only one (ExSite, Esprit, or Spectra) system can be connected to each port of the controller.


On the TXB-H board only:

  • Set the baud rate with SW1-1, SW1-2, and SW1-3 on the TXB-H (refer to the following table).
    This is the baud rate that the TXB-H translator board uses to communicate with the Hernis controller.

Set the pan/tilt speed with SW1-5:

  • Select ON to use the default Esprit/Spectra pan/tilt speed
  • Select OFF to use the default ExSite pan/tilt speed. The Esprit system will have slightly
    faster speeds.

Set the transmit termination setting with SW1-7:

  • Select the ON to terminate the transmit signal at the TXB-H.
  • Select the OFF to unterminate the transmit signal.

Set the receive termination setting with SW1-8:

  • Select ON to terminate the receive signal at the TXB-H.
  • Select OFF to unterminate the receive signal.


  • The TXB-H communicates with the Esprit, ExSite, and Spectra system at 9600 Baud Rate
  • Setup PTZ switch settings for 9600 Baud Rate.
  • Wiring table below for connections