Only 1 personnel record processes when using the Personnel Import Utility (PIU)


A message indicates only 1 Personnel record processed when using the PIU

Product Line

Andover Continuum



Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


By default the CSVtoContinuumTransformation.xsl transform file sets the alias column to concatenate (TAC + SerialNumber)


The transform needs to be edited in a text editor (not IE) to change the concatenate line to be a unique alias.


      (Before) This displays the alias records in the preview as TAC

        (After) This will import the records correctly

If all was working at one point and the site was upgraded then the old PC may have the CSVtoContinuumTransformation.xsl that was working.

If this is a new install, select a number that will be unique for the records.

For more information on editing the PIU see the following article:

http:// Lessons Learned Article #13732