Converting Pelco's exported video files.


  • I cannot use anything in court other than AVI files; how can I convert Pelco's .EXP file over to an AVI?
  • How do I convert the .EXP file over to something that I can use in court?
  • My software will not playback Pelco's proprietary video extensions; how can I convert them to something that my software will playback?
  • I have .PNS files and I cannot play them back as the court will not allow me to install a player; how do I convert them to something else?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX series products - all models and all versions (DX4100, DX4000, DX4500, DX4600, DX4700, DX4800, DX7000, DX7100, DX8000, DX8100)
  • DigitalSentry series products - all models and versions (DS NVs, DS RealVue, XPress, DSSRV, Desktop)
  • Endura systems - all models and all versions


Pelco's proprietary formatting of video extensions cannot be converted.


Once exported to any video format from a Pelco device, there is no way to convert the file extension into something else; by any Pelco supported means. The main reason for this is because the video is proprietary and supposed to be difficult to convert for the very simple reason of providing un-tampered with video as evidence in court. These types of video are admissable.

With AVI file extensions being widely used, and apparently needed, most all of Pelco's DVR products offer .AVI file export options. If dealing with the smaller DX series units, such as the DX4000, DX4100, DX4500, DX4600, DX4700 and DX4800, then there is a need to use the native Client that came with the DVR originally, or, use the DX Series Client to export video as .AVI files. However, if using the DX8100 system, you can export AVI files from either the Client application or the DX8100 Server itself. If using the DigitalSentry systems, use DS ControlPoint to export AVI files. However, the AVI formats are tamperable and can be edited, therefore they may not be admissable in court.

The following steps outline the processes by which to export AVI files instead of the models' specific, proprietary, native file format:

from DX4x00 DVR models: How to Export video using DX Series Client.

From DX8100: How do I export video on the DX8100 Hybrid Video Recorder? (Server based export)
Client based export is the same as the DX4x00 Series process linked above.

From DigitalSentry/DS ControlPoint: How do I export video or an image directly to a CD/DVD using DS ControlPoint?