How to convert P or D protocol to C protocol?


Convert Pelco P or D protocol to Pelco C Coaxitron

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-CXTA
  • DX7100, DX4000, DX8100, DVR5100
  • CM9700-CC1


Need to convert Controller end output of Pelco P or D protocol to coaxitron for product installation.


The CM9760-CXTA Coaxitron Translator interfaces with control systems that output RS422 Pelco P or Pelco D protocol. It converts (through switch configuration) to either Pelco C STANDARD 15 Bit Coaxitron or the 32 EXTENDED Bit Coaxitron.

PARITY Input communication to the CM9760-CXTA are as follows:

* EVEN for P-Protocol
* NONE for D-Protocol
* NOTE: PARITY for the CM9760-CXTA cannot be changed.

  • Allows Coaxitron control from any RS-422 P or D Protocol Device
  • 16 Looping Video Inputs Allow easy connection between video system and cameras
  • Send PTZ control commands through the cameras video cable.
  • Fits a standard 19-Inch rack mount.
  • Click Here for "Rear View" of the CXTA

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