System displays choppy video pixelation, blur, smear distortions, clipping, Streaking. or video loss.


My VMS randomly drops video on specific or various network cameras.

My PC browser displays pixelated and distored video.

DS ControlPoint displays color smears on video or streaks.

The DX Series Client Display s Distorted video images

PC Buffer Overload.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • ALL IP Cameras; all models and versions.
  • Sarix
  • Atlas
  • Web browsers; all series and versions.
  • Video management systems; all brand, models, and versions.


Video pixelation, blur, smear distortions, Vertical Lines or video streaking, clipping or video loss are all results of data loss either during Camera Process, Network Transmission, or PC Processes to render the video. PC hardware stores data in memory space while it renders and processes; this memory buffer can be overloaded.


Power cycle hardware.

Video compression methods, such as MJPEG and h.264, will compress video to a lower number of bytes for transmission for viewing across a network. This stream of data changes size based upon quality and resolution settings; and will tend to use more network bandwidth and system resources in relation to datagram size.

First Determine what is causing the problem.

Video Streaking

Methods to reduce Data size for Load Balancing and optimizing video processing.

IP Camera:|
Verify the integrity of the camera. Camera; Cable; PC.
Connect a pc directly to the camera using a browser to view the video. If the video is stable the camera is working.
Change compression type; resolution, and framerate to see if camera remains stable.

Video management System:
Change compression type; resolution, and framerate to see if camera video change for the worse or becomes stable.
The composite of all cameras may be causing the PC to be overloaded; Deactivate half of the cameras to see if video clears up; Lower compression type; resolution, and framerate on all cameras to load balance the system.

Optimize the system:
Load balance the system. Slowly increase video settings until the problem occurs again than back off on the quality until it clears. This method will balance the load on the PC for rendering video and CPU processing.

Verify the Hardware meets specifications for process and rendering of video.