CM6700 Matrix Bay monitor output options


How many monitor outputs does the CM6700-MXB feature?

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700-MXB2, CM6700-MXB2-X (PAL)
  • CM6700-MXB4, CM6700-MXB4-X (PAL)
  • Expansion Card CM6700-VMC2, CM6700-VMC2-X (PAL) for CM6700-MXB2 models.


Amount of monitor outputs


The CM6700-MXB matrix provides two different models for monitor output option:

  1. CM6700-MXB2 features two monitor outputs with the option to add two additional outputs by inserting the CM6700-VMC2 expansion card.
  2. CM6700-MXB4 features four monitor outputs.

Note: View the installation manual for the CM6700-VMC2 by clicking here.