How to install TXB-N-P or TXB-N-F onto Spectra IV back box


TXB-N install onto BB4DOORASSY.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SpectraIV back box
    • BB4-F
    • BB4-PG-E
  • TXB-N-P (pendant back boxes)
  • TXB-N-F (in-ceiling back boxes)


Installation of TXB-N series


  1. Remove the shorting plug (txb-header) from the 16-pin located on the back box circuit board.
  2. Insert the TXB-N module into the 16-pin connector located on the back box circuit board. Secure the
    module to the standoff on the circuit board using the captive screw on the TXB-N module.
  3. Plug your network Ethernet cable into the RJ-45 connector to connect the Spectra IV dome system to
    your existing network.
  4. WARNING: An electrical short in the back box may occur if the metal BNC connector on the video
    coaxial cable is not completely covered by the protective boot.
  5. If you plan to view video using both analog and IP connections, connect the video coaxial cable from the
    back box circuit board to the coaxial cable coming in from the outside. Make sure the BNC
    connector is completely covered by the protective boot.
  6. Before closing the interconnect door, ensure that no wires are between the top of the heat sink
    standoff and the back box. Both the video coaxial cable and the Ethernet cable need to be routed
    carefully to ensure clearance for the heat sink standoff.
  7. Close the interconnect door. Snap the tab lock into place.

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When a TXB-N is used with a 29x or 36x camera it must be version 1.8.2 or the camera will not configure or PTZ properly