How do I access the menu and turn off the LOW PRESSURE alert on the Spectra IV or Esprit PTZ pressurized?


How do I turn off the "LOW PRESSURE" alert on the Spectra IV or Esprit  pressurized?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Spectra IV and Esprit series pressurized

  • SD429-PRE0
  • SD436-PRE1
  • ES41P36


I do not want the LOW or HIGH PRESSURE display on the monitor.

Need to turn off or reset the HUMIDITY (DEW POINT) alert.



The Alert option applies to pressurized devices only. Sensors strategically placed inside the pressurized device continually monitor pressure, temperature, and dew point (humidity). If internal conditions reach unacceptable levels, an alert message appears on the screen descriving the alert condition.

To access the camera's menu the control System must provide the option to prompt the spectra IV / Esprit PTZ  95 Preset Menu. View Lessons Learned Article LL#11203
for displaying menu of camera from various control systems.

Perform the following steps to disable the ALERT of pressure.

  1. Select SETTINGS (in spectra domes, it is listed as DOME SETTINGS).
  2. Select ALERT
  3. Select REPEAT
  4. Select the OFF option or one of the timer options.

    REPEAT Menu: 



Set ACK ACTION to configure the frequency at which an alert message is displayed after the condition has been acknowledged. The following settings are available.