The Digital Sentry Recorder will continually send out email notifications when an IP camera is offline, causing a spamming problem by flooding the Inbox with the same email notifications.


  • The Digital Sentry Recorder will continually send out 2-3 email notifications per minute when an IP camera is offline causing a "spamming" problem by flooding the Inbox with the same email notifications:
  • Users expectation for how often the DS system should attempt to connect to a camera is not compatible with designed feature.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry Series (All Versions)


  • Email Notification all message types are enabled.
  • When an IP camera is offline.
  • Digital Sentry pings the camera on a set frequency and if no response is received, generates a new alarm.


Digital Sentry email notifications are designed to let the user know when there is an error with the Digital Sentry system. There is no adjustment for the frequency in which notifications are sent. This forces the administrator to deal with the issue immediately. This design cannot be changed.

In order to eliminate these constant email notifications from occuring; the offline camera issue must be resolved or the camera deactivated in DS Admin.

To edit message types for notification:

1. Click on Email Notifications

2. Click Edit Email Account.

3. Be sure that the Critical Messages checkbox is checked.

4. Uncheck informational and warning messages.

5. Save.


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