How to auto focus multiple Sarix Cameras simultaneously.


How to auto focus multiple Sarix Cameras simultaneously.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


All Sarix Platform Cameras


Visiting the Sarix Web User Interface to focus each camera one at a time is time consuming.


First download, install, and launch the Endura Utilities application, then - 

  1. Press the Search button (at bottom left) to locate all devices.

  2. From within the left-side column of the System Attributes tab, click to select the Sarix Camera model to auto focus.

  3. From within the right-side list of devices, click to select the first Sarix Camera to be auto focused, and then either shift-click or control-click other Sarix Camera(s) to be auto focused as desired.
  4. Right click anywhere within the selected group of Sarix Camera(s), and navigate to Device Actions and click Auto Focus.

  5. Enter the valid Sarix WebUI Login credentials when prompted (default = admin/admin).