Can I add a first generation Sarix IP camera to a Digital Sentry system running software version


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Adding a new Sarix IMSODN to a Digital Sentry Enterprise system running software results in no video from the camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry (build
  • Sarix IM IP cameras
  • Sarix ID IP cameras


Digital Sentry software version only supports the Sarix IX camera model.


Generally, due to the age of the recorder it is recommended to either upgrade the software or purchase a new unit to be more inline with new release IP cameras.

If upgrading the software is not an option or only to be done at last resort, you can try an older updated .dll which includes Sarix IM and ID compatibility.  This .dll will work with first generation release Sarix IM and Sarix ID IP cameras but as newer models and firmware are released, compatibility may be lost.


  1. Download the Integral.Common.IPCameras.PelcoGrabber
  2. Stop the DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service in Services.
  3. Navigate to C:\DigitalSentry and rename the existing Integral.Common.IPCameras.PelcoGrabber.dll to .BAK  (Integral.Common.IPCameras.PelcoGrabber.dll.bak)
  4. Extract the downloaded zip file and copy the .dll file to the C:\DigitalSentry folder.
  5. Start the DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Services.
  6. Verify you can now see video from the Sarix IM,ID camera in DS Admin.

Note: Will not work with the second generation Sarix IP cameras IMP,IXP,IBP,IME,IXE and IL. Also due to the older h.264 codec used with software, it is not recommended to use Server-Side motion detection on more then one Sarix IP camera if recording using the h.264 codec.  This can cause high CPU usage on the recorder.